The Importance Of: Norman Bates

This week I want to focus on the original psychopath himself, Norman Bates. Played by Anthony Perkins in all film appearance, (and those are the only ones that count) Bates is a twisted a ruthless character, yet he is also a bashful and trustworthy young man. He was twisted before anyone else and never resorted to slasher-ing. He truly was a marvel, and I want … Continue reading The Importance Of: Norman Bates

Psycho-Iconic Review

If you are like me, you have heard about Psycho for your entire life. It came out just over 50 years ago, and is undoubtedly one of cinema’s most famous films. It is definitely the most known film from horror-legend Alfred Hitchcock, and is often seen as the epitome of his work. Yet, despite all of this I don’t know many people who have seen … Continue reading Psycho-Iconic Review