How To Bring Robin Into the DCEU:

The DCEU is well underway and Batman has appeared in ⅔ of it. However, as is strangely usual for Batman’s onscreen persona, he always appeared alone. The boy wonder is once again absent from the universe, and with good reason. Batman v Superman would have been a much different film if moody Batman was followed around by a small boy. However, the Justice League is neigh … Continue reading How To Bring Robin Into the DCEU:

Pulp Fiction Theory- The Holy Grail

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Pulp Fiction. This means that, like all other fans of this Tarantino masterpiece, I find myself wondering what is inside the elusive briefcase. Of course, literally there is a lightbulb in the briefcase. However, I want to talk about what the mystical and important artifact in the briefcase. The most popular fan theory supposes that the briefcase holds the soul … Continue reading Pulp Fiction Theory- The Holy Grail

What Avatar Did Wrong

Back in 2009, Avatar took over the world. It was breathtaking, beautiful, complex, and groundbreaking. Critics loved it, movie-goers loved it, it broke box office records and became the highest grossing movie of all time. Millions of people declared it “the best film ever made” and it looked as if it would go down in history with Citizen Kane and Casablanca. So, it only made … Continue reading What Avatar Did Wrong

Will Superhero Films Get Old?

In case you didn’t know this about me, I love superheroes and I love superhero movies.  Actually, Iron Man (2008) was a large influence on my love of film as well as the rest of the MCU films. However, despite my feelings toward the genre, and the feelings of thousands of others, there is a pretty realistic fear spreading. I have overheard many peoples state  that … Continue reading Will Superhero Films Get Old?

Why There Can Never Be a Back to The Future Reboot

Back to the Future was a smash 80’s success and it quickly went on to become one of that generation’s most iconic summer blockbusters. It is the story of Marty McFly who travels back in time and searches desperately for a way to get…well…back to the future. He locates his friend, Doc. Brown,in the past and the pair work to fix the machine and get Marty … Continue reading Why There Can Never Be a Back to The Future Reboot

Harry Potter Theory

Hello everyone, I would like to utilize today’s article to talk about something very dear to me. Recently I have been thinking a lot about Harry Potter ( Side Note: I have specifically been thinking about a Marauder Movie) and I stumbled across a truly interesting theory. I scoured the internet trying to find this theory, but didn’t see anything about it.I decided it was … Continue reading Harry Potter Theory