Right vs Wrong- Doctor Strange

First off, i would like to apologize for the lateness in this review. While I did see the film several weeks ago I did not have time to write this until now. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, Doctor Strange.


  1. The Character- Marvel once again perfectly encapsulates its title character. As a kid I was obsessed with marvel, as you may have noticed given all the other articles on this blog, including Doctor Strange. While I had reservations about Benedict taking on the role (I personally preferred Depp or Pheonix) I was blown away by his portrayal of the cynical doctor. Honestly, I do not know how to do his talent justice other than saying it was as good a casting as Downey, Jackman, Reynolds, or even Ledger.
  2. The “Romance”- Doctor Strange is not a romantic character. Marvel is formulaic at times. It would have been easy to make strange go through a forced romantic subplot akin to Thor and Jane, but they went a different route. While Strange’s love interest is in the film, she plays a minor role and as such every time she is used the scene is impactful.
  3. The humor-I really enjoyed the humor in this film. Many of the one-liners worked and the visual gags were amazing. there isn’t much more to say, I just enjoyed it.
  4. The Visuals- Magic is a hard thing to grasping cinema, especially for a series as terrified of it as the MCU. The way it was captured in this film was not only extraordinary, it was breathtaking. From the hallucinogenic grig-trip at the beginning,to the average combat, everything flowed beautifully and looked magnificent.
  5. The Ending- I’m not gonna spoil it here but this ending is quickly becoming notable. Like I said earlier, Marvel is sometimes formulaic but this ending was the perfect blend of new ideas and Strange’s personality. It was an interesting diversion from the usual boss-battles and truly represented both characters involved.


  1. The Villains- This is only one number but I’m counting all villains, Kaecilius, Dormamu, and *Spoiler Alert* Baron Mordo. Kaecilius is your average marvel baddy. He was enjoyable enough for what has become a red-shirt group. I did enjoy Mads portrayal of him. Dormammu I expected to be a bigger baddy in the MCU and was a little disappointed by his inclusion, and subsequent exclusion, in the burgeoning magical universe. If you read the comics like I did, you were probably awaiting the Baron’s turn to the dark side the whole movie. While I enjoyed the character, his story was a little too basic for me. But hey, at least another villain survived a marvel flick.
  2. The Iron Man Similarities- Everyone has been talking about it so I will too, the movie is similar to Iron Man. Most specifically Strange is very similar to Stark. This can be slightly off-putting and can just remind the audience of the formulaic-ness the rest of the movie tries so hard to avoid.

2.5. This one isn;t really a dislike, but there is no way the living tribunal is in a random staff somewhere and if this is not rectified soon I am going to be very upset.


Conclusion- 5/2.5

This movie is one of my favorite marvel films, and that is saying something. It was a fun adventure from start to finish and teases many new turns for the universe while introducing a new heavy roller. I hope to see Strange again and that his follow up will be just as good as this one.



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