How To Bring Robin Into the DCEU:

The DCEU is well underway and Batman has appeared in ⅔ of it. However, as is strangely usual for Batman’s onscreen persona, he always appeared alone. The boy wonder is once again absent from the universe, and with good reason. Batman v Superman would have been a much different film if moody Batman was followed around by a small boy. However, the Justice League is neigh and it is time for the original sidekick to come to the silver screen in a film that is not considered the worst superhero film ever. (Thank you Schumacher.)

To begin, you may be wondering why Robin should return at all. The answer to that is simple, he is an amazing character and deserves worldwide acclaim. If he is portrayed well, his likability and sense of humor could easily help him steal every scene he is in.Plus, he brings an interesting relationship with the Bat that we have not been able to observe in recent years. His presence makes Batman fragile, but not in the romantic way like Batsy with his girlfriends, but in a paternal way. The only time Batman has had Robin, the dynamic was more like a buddy-cop film and Robin was just a bit younger than Bruce himself. This does’t work half as well, and fortunately the DCEU is set up perfectly to bring Robin, at the correct age, into the limelight.  Now, some of you might be asking yourself “Wasn’t robin’s suit in Batman v Superman?” Well, yes. A modern version of Robin’s suit (A cool looking one by the way) is found in the batcave with the Joker’s message written across it. This undoubtedly a reference to the death of Jason Todd, an event that happened in the award-winning comic A Death in the Family. As things progress right now, it is looking like that suit ether belongs to Dick Grayson in the universe, or there was no Dick Grayson at all. Despite his lackluster representation in film, Dick is too well-known a character to just pretend never existed, so I suppose they will aim for the first idea.

However, there is still a way to to have both Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, and maybe even Tim Drake, in the DCEU without disturbing any of the universe presented so far. If we go off of the assumption that the suit represents Jason’s death than it only makes sense that the upcoming Batman Movie should be a loose interpretation of the semi-sequel to the comic, The Death of The Family. Much in the way of Civil War or Age of Ultron, this would largely just be a title but the basic premise would remain. This film would open with he family already intact. A small Tim Drake, just beginning his years as Robin and a somewhat despondent Dick Grayson already a few years into being Nightwing. Thanks to Batman’s age in the new universe, it makes sense for him to be on his 3rd Robin, as well as have Dick already dawn the Nightwing mantle at roughly 25 years old. The film should directly follow the Death of Jason and show the tolls it takes on each Family member. Knowing the sometimes hot-headiness of the young Dick Grayson, and the ease at which Batman becomes melancholy, it is reasonable that Dick would be out for blood and want the Jokers head. At the same time, it is reasonable to believe that Batman would  want to push the boys away and get them out of the business. Robin would seek vengeance, and Batman wouldn’t let him do it. In the comics, Robin has a reputation for feeding with the Bat and it would make sense for him to flee to a different city where he could still do good. As you may have guessed, this is where the events of Batman vs Superman take place. Not only will this serve as better motivation for Batman to fly off the handle,  it will add a new layer of depth for both the character and the film. This is especially true if Hollywood decides to reveal that Dick didn’t die, bringing Nightwing back to the center stage just in time for Justice League 2. In addition, we could even see Tim take back the Robin mantle now that the Bat has calmed down.

I don’t know if the DCEU wants to bring back Dick Grayson, but I think this would be the most effective way to do it, while explaining his absence and changing the past so that BvS makes more sense.


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