Shawshank Redemption- Iconic Review

I’m going to be honest, before I finally watched Shawshank I thought it was severely overhyped. Someone once said that the worst thing that ever happened to Citizen Kane was it was named the best film ever. If that’s true, then the Shawshank sould doubtlessly be hurt by its own pedigree right? No. Shawshank is good, and it deserves every bit of praise it gets.

For those who do not know, the film revolves around banker-turned-prisoner Andy Dufresse, played by Tim Robbins, and is narrated by his fellow prisoner Red ( Morgan Freedman) Andy uses his banking skills to do favors for the nail in return for personal favors, like beer for his friends, leniancy, and a library in the jail. However, as the jail gets involved in seedy business, Andy becomes the head of a large money laudering scheme, all while being behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit.

Obviously, the film is supremely well cast and well acted. Morgan Freedman gives what is arguably his best performance and Tim perfectly encqpsulates Andy. The writing is great and the cinematography well done. My personal favorite part of the film is how it humanized its prisoner characters. Burns, the old man we sympathize with and cry over, killed his wife and daughter in a fit of rage after losing a game of poker. And Red, our narrator And lovable cynic, killed his wife for insurance. In any other films these men would be the villains and we would be happy to see them go to jail. However in this film we love and sympathize with them.

The characters are what carry the story for sure. It is gripping, entertaining, and truly one of the best films ever. I reccomend everyone see it at least once. I enjoy it, and I hope you do too.


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