Will Superhero Films Get Old?

In case you didn’t know this about me, I love superheroes and I love superhero movies.  Actually, Iron Man (2008) was a large influence on my love of film as well as the rest of the MCU films. However, despite my feelings toward the genre, and the feelings of thousands of others, there is a pretty realistic fear spreading. I have overheard many peoples state  that the general viewing audience will soon grow tired of these films, and I soon began to fear that as well. So, I decided I wanted to

The basic background for this fear is that more and more superhero films come out every year. Each of these films is usually a part of a larger shared universe of superhero films. The MCU is already 13 films strong, with 11 in development.This means that by the end of stage 4 there will be as many MCU films as James Bond films. Of course, in addition to these films there are sony superheroes, fox superheroes, and DC superheroes. The general fear is that the market will become too oversaturated with superhero films and the populace will grow sick of them. The general belief is that it only takes a couple bad films in a row to make people begin to question what they are getting. Several recent failures, including Fant4stic and Batman v Superman, have comic-book lovers worried.

Despite all of this, I do not think this will ever happen. Yes, eventually there will be less superhero films that come out, film evolves and new generations will come into their own. Not to mention, eventually there will not be anymore superheroes to use or stories to make. However, I don’t think anyone will ever get sick of superhero films to the point that they stop making them. Obviously, superheroes are charming and witty and make for great stories.

In addition, “superhero films” isn’t a real genre. Captain America is a period piece, Captain America 2 is a spy film, The Incredible Hulk is a drama, Guardians and Deadpool could be considered comedies, Ant Man is a heist film, and Suicide Squad and BvS are action films. It is because of this variety that I think it is impossible to grow sick of superhero films. While there is a standard formula, it is no where as severe as in Schwartzeneggar-esque action films.

In conclusion, I think we are a long way off from being completely over comic book movies. If Hollywood is smart they will continue to shake films up and differentiating themselves from other comic book films. Personally, I cannot wait to see all of the superhero films that are coming out in the next few years and, if they continue to be diverse, I hope for a long future with them.


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