What Avatar Did Wrong

Back in 2009, Avatar took over the world. It was breathtaking, beautiful, complex, and groundbreaking. Critics loved it, movie-goers loved it, it broke box office records and became the highest grossing movie of all time. Millions of people declared it “the best film ever made” and it looked as if it would go down in history with Citizen Kane and Casablanca. So, it only made sense that Fox would order a movie series to be shot LOTR style tone released years later.

Of course, Avatar didn’t go down in history and critics began to stop loving it. In 2009 it played everywhere, now it plays on cable sometimes. It has been 7 years since the Avatar craze, with 2 more years to go before the series finally makes its debut, and the excitement is already gone. Many online critics have taken back what they said during the craze, or ignored it all together,and have begun to denounce the film. They call it a story they have seen a thousand times (pochahontas, Romeo and Juliet, Dances with Wolves) and that the once ground-breaking special effects are normal for current movies.

Why? Well, time has passed. Avatar gave the world nine years to analyze their movie instead of capitalizing on it like they meant to. In the same heart of every legasequel (Legacy+Sequel) the public has moved on and left the series before the series ever came around. As time passed, the magnificence of the movie faded.

Of course, not all legasequels fail.  Jurassic World did amazing in the box office, and so did Indiana Jones 4. Heck, Star Wars episodes 7 and 1 were both Legasequels and both spurred another trilogy. However, both those films banked on the idea that there was a cool world that moviegoers would want to get back to. They had established franchises that had been concluded and could only be seen as a bonus adventure.

Avatar has no ties to a franchise. It is the perfect example of being too greedy and too arrogant with the property. Obviously there is a great epic in the works that required the entire rest of the saga to be filmed back-to-back-to-back-to-back . However, now the real question is will anyone care when the saga returns?


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