Right vs Wrong: Suicide Squad

The last DCCU movie I saw was Batman vs Superman and I was not very impressed. Now, Suicide Squad is out promising more jokes, more fun, and more death.


  1. Deadshot- Will Smith kids it as DeadShot (See what I did there?) He brings his trademark charisma and one-liners to the dark character  and the result is a remarkably human serial killer. Easily one of the best parts of this film. The scene where he kills hundreds of soldiers is absolutely amazing.
  2. Harley Quinn- Like Will Smith, Margot steals the show. She is the perfect representation of her comic book counterpart. She is comical, ditzy, fun-loving, impervious, loyal, and says “puddin.” What more could you want from Harley.
  3. Action- Obviously this is an action film, and the action is quite good. All the characters are dressed in their comic book outfits and are killing faceless badguys. Harley has her mallet, Deadshot has his guns and impeccable accuracy, Boomerang has his boomerangs, and Croc has his jaws. What more do you want?
  4. Waller- The evil and twisted Amanda Waller is perfectly represented in this film. She is absolutely malevolent and in one scene kills a room full of police officers because “they weren’t cleared” for what they saw. She cares about nothing but herself and even threatens to kill the Squad after they save the day by choice.
  5. Humour- The one liners in this film are straight out of the comics. Will Smith bartering with his employers, Diablo turning into his god form  and yelling ” You’re gonna get it bitch,” and all of Captain Boomerangs lines are personal favorites.
  6. Fan-Service- There is an elaborate scene at the beginning where they introduce the squad and what they do. Throughout the film they are in their uniforms, Harley even wears the black and red outfit from the cartoon for a while, and they all utilize the powers from the comics. Nothing but nods and in-jokes. I loved it.


  1. Katana- Talk about a useless character. There is even a joke about how she was absent for the lineup and introduction. Her backstory is rushed and never built upon, and she does not effect the plot at all.
  2. The Story-  Moving past the basic concept of the Squad, which is still very interesting, the plot itself is very basic. In fact, it is set up kind of like a video game. First there comes an introduction, then a level working through enemies while climbing up a large building, something goes wrong, theres a level on the ground while the heroes head to the main tower, and it ends with a boss battle at the main tower. No twists or surprises with the exception of the Joker bit which is also pointless.
  3. The Joker- As I said in my TIO of the Joker, it is hard to get the character wrong. This version is much more evil and outwardly diabolical than the other two incarnations but it is still clearly the Joker. ( The only way he’s a clown in this one is his laugh and appearance but I’m sure that’ll be built upon. The real problem with the character is how he is utilized in the film. He doesn’t impact the plot and only exists to pine after and save Harley. To make matters worse(*Spoilers*), they try to convince us he died. Yeah, the JOKER died in his first appearance. Okay, Warner Brother.
  4. The Villain- As with almost all other comic book films, the villain is lacking. Surprisingly she has an enormous amount of background and development, yet she still comes off flat. The Enchantress’ brother, who is only known as the enchantress’ brother, has maybe three lines and serves only as an emotionless piece of muscle. For such a cool concept and such a cool film, I was expecting more.
  5. The Supporting Squad-  The rest of the squad is alright, but they are nothing special. Captain Boomerang is only around to say silly things and act dumb. Its enjoyable, and seeing someone fight with a boomerang never gets boring, but his character is far from fleshed out. Killer Croc  is a one-note character, he lives in the sewer, we get it. (DC: You know he is a badass cannibalistic crocodile man right?)Rick Flagg is a military stereotype with no background and motivation led by his dick, and perhaps worst of all,slipknot is there literally only to die. He shows up last, with no introduction, and is killed ten seconds into the mission

Conclusion: 6/5

    I would definitely recommend seeing this film, however you don’t need to see it on the big screen. It is fun and enjoyable, with likable characters and a simple story. If you want to breeze through a few hours, or are in love with DC comics, then this is the film for you. I enjoyed it, as I do much comic book movies, and I’m willing to bet so will you.


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