Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is the story of two hitmen, Vincent and Joules, and a boxer named Butch. The story follows a day in the life of all three protagonists, shifting POV’s so as to capitalize on the amount of interesting and unique stories it can tell.

The first story, Vincent’s Day, is the best part of the film. This was the first film to put Tarantino on the map, and it launched John Travolta, who plays Vincent, out of his typecast role. Every thing you love about Tarantino films is in this first third. The very first shot of the film, post-credits, is  Vincent talking about the famous “Royale with Cheese” with the amazing dialogue that Tarantino is known for. I won’t go into detail about what happens throughout the rest of the third, but it is all brilliant. Uma Thurman knocks her role out of the park and Ving Rames portrays the mobster Marsellus Wallace brilliantly.

The second third, the story of Butch, is the low point of the film. It is still enjoyable and still has the seminal Tarantino feel.  This is where the famous watch speech and Katana scene come from, but in my opinion Butch is nowhere near as fun of a character as Jules or Vincent. Still just as quotable (Zedd’s dead baby) and just as brilliant, but compared to the other two thirds it just isn’t as great.

The final third, the story of Jules, is a return to the feel of the beginning. It also has the good fortune of following Samuel L Jackson in what is arguably his best performed role. The character of Jules is my personal favorite, and this is chock full-of memorable and wonderful done scenes. My personal favorite scene, the diner scene closes out the movie and perfectly bookends this film.

In conclusion, this film is wonderful. Its highly quotable and easy to reference, a must see for all cinema lovers and casual goers alike. It’s my personal favorite film and has remained relevant for 20+ years, and it will remain relevant for much more.




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