Why We NEED a Marauders Film

I was going to save this editorial for a later date, but given how my posting the Harry Potter Theory gave my brand-new blog four new followers, I decided to just go ahead and push this one up. Now, I have thought about a Marauders film for years, in quite some detail I might add, but I won’t bore you withy fan fiction. Instead, i want to talk about why the Marauders would make an amazing movie.

To begin, there are going to be Harry Potter spin-offs. Fantastic Beasts is already coming out this fall (and looks great) and the Cursed Child came out recently. While Fantastic Beasts keeps its distance from Harry and the gang, Cursed Child is based on the story of James Potter. JK Rowling is going to want to continue her world famous property and every movie studio, book publisher, playwright, and theatre are desperate for her to pick up the quill again. Even if it takes thirty years, like Star Wars, eventually we will be blessed, or rather cursed, with the “Wizarding World Expanded Universe.” If we have to watch a litany of Potter films, the Marauders needs to be one of them.

All of the Marauders are dead in the present day and while their past is heavily alluded to, it has never been fully revealed. The Marauders, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew for those who do not know, are all fascinating characters. The film could show Remus’ life just after he is bitten, as well as show Sirius’ relationship with his family in real time. Obviously, we would also get a unique look at Peter before he betrayed the team. In fact, the film could actually offer some kind of redemption for the character. Also, there would be an inevitable side plot regarding Lily Evans and Severus Snape. If the film took place in James’ later years at Hogwarts, as I hope it would, we could even see the famous James-Hangs-Severus-Upside-Down scene and how things progressed to that point.

Finally, it is the only Wizarding World story with an established cast and plot. However, these established elements are also vague enough to allow the characters to really stretch their wings. Whether the film chooses to focus on the formation of the Order of the Pheonix, the lead up to the First Wizarding War, the boys becoming animagus, the boys making the Marauders Map, or them just hanging around and reading havoc, there is no doubt that the film will be interesting. In addition we would get to see Hogwarts not through the view of the Chosen One and his friends, but instead through the eyes of pranksters. This would give us a whole new outlook as well as insight to some of the seedier parts of Hogwarts. (Watching them make stink bombs and plan pranks would be awesome.) It definitely wouldn’t have the same goody-two-shoes feeling as the Harry Films and its a good chance that the boys will get into some problems that are serious crimes.

No other film could be so Potter-esque as well as so unique. With our technology we could even up the action, I imagine a young Sirius would fight dirtier than just pointing, and up the stunts. In conclusion, if you don’t think the four boys would be great characters, go read some tumblr posts. I’m sure you will come around. So, JK if you are listening, please green-lit a Marauder Movie now!


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