Why There Can Never Be a Back to The Future Reboot

Back to the Future was a smash 80’s success and it quickly went on to become one of that generation’s most iconic summer blockbusters. It is the story of Marty McFly who travels back in time and searches desperately for a way to get…well…back to the future. He locates his friend, Doc. Brown,in the past and the pair work to fix the machine and get Marty back home. Also, the longer Marty stays in the past the more he affects and the more likely it is that he will cease existing. Its a fun and well acted movie, and in this age of reboots and remakes it may be the only one thats safe.

A Back To The Future Remake would not work for several reasons. One of the most obvious, is 9/11. Any remake would have Marty accidentally traveling to 1985 (3o years ago), just 16 years before the disaster occurred. 9/11 has already set a new standard in our films (post-9/11 world) and, as evidenced by the lack of recent backwards-time traveling films, it basically ruins the chance of a Back to the Future remake. Inevitably,the plot would have some shoe-horned reason on why Marty couldn’t do anything, and it just wouldn’t be as much fun.

But more importantly, the psychology of the world is different now. I’ve already addressed the darker post-9/11 world movies that would probably call for a darker turn on Marty’s whimsical adventure, but I’m not talking about that. A key part of Back to The Future is the battle between the past and present. Throughout the film, the ideologies of the two different generations conflict and fight for control. With the ending Johnny B Goode scene, the present wins and Marty starts off a chain reaction that will create one of the most identifying features of his generation.

This would never happen in today’s world. The culture today is basically a repeat of the 80’s and 90’s. Our media is completely engrossed in nostalgia and love for the past. Any time traveling film would inevitably end with the past winning. Don’t believe me? Imagine new-age Marty McFly riding a hoverboard and singing Uptown Funk. Yeah, you probably wouldn’t want toes him win either. For some reason there is a deep self-loathing for this generation, and until this is resolved we will never get a BtF remake.



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