Right vs Wrong: Star Trek Beyond

The latest entry in the ever-growing Star Trek franchise, Beyond finds our heroes led into a dangerous trap that strands them on a mysterious planet where they encounter a dangerous foe threatening to annihilate the Federation. It had a lot of fans to answer to, so how did it do?


  1. The Characters- The Star Trek characters you love are back. Each portrayal is spot on, for the reboot, and lands beautifully. There is not much more to say, they got the characters right and I enjoyed seeing them again.
  2. The Atmosphere- Likewise, this film had the right atmosphere for a Star Trek Film. It had a very exploratory and honor bound feel. When they are stranded and things look bleakest, each individual character, oblivious to what the others are doing, picks themselves up and uses their brains and training to find the others and outwit the enemy. Particularly enjoyable is the plot with Scotty and the one with Kirk and Checkoff.
  3. The Chemistry- This one is just as it sounds. Bones and Spock mesh together perfectly in their storyline, Kirk and Checkoff do the same. All the characters interact perfectly and you can tell the love and brotherhood shared between all of them. Even the underrated Sulu has his moment to shine amongst the crew. (“Can you fly it? “”Please.”
  4. The Humor- There are several funny scenes and one-liners given out by the cast. Bones and Scotty carry the majority of one-liners (Scotty hugging his little buddy when he teleports back onto the ship is hysterical) but the rest of the crew get in on it too.
  5. The Action- The action that was shown was entertaining to watch. Tens of holographic Kirks driving on a motorcycle is cool no matter who you ask. The climactic battle looked beautiful. All the action retained a Star Trek feel despite the original franchise being known for its lack of action.
  6. Visuals- As the poster suggests, the visuals in this film are beautiful. My particular favorites are the unfamiliar planet and the massive space-station/city the heroes set out to save.


  1. The Villain- By far the weakest part of this film is its villain. A mysterious creature named Krall, his powers are undefined, his goals unexplained, his motivation nonsensical, and just generally does not make sense. The reveal at the end of who he really was rose more questions than it answered. (How did he get back into his old uniform?)
  2. New Character Development- In addition to the poor development of the new villain, the new character, Taylah, is one-note. Despite hinting at her backstory the entire time, it is never fully revealed. She only serves as an insider for Kirk to question about the workings of the unknown planet and to save Scotty. Honestly, this movie could have had Scotty accidentally stumble on the Franklin and holograph technology and nothing would have been different.
  3. The Story- The story is very basic and lacking. Basically, they get stuck on an island then fly back to the station to fight a bad guy who wants to kill everyone. It is fun in the way it is executed, but it is basic nonetheless. (Also, there is an enormous amount of plot holes I won’t address right now)
  4. The Side Plots- This movie has not one, but two separate side plus about people waiting to leave starfleet. The whole thing is unnecessary and just takes up time. Kirk and Spock are not leaving the franchise. Why was this even included?
  5. Uhura- The only character this film does not do justice is Uhura. Along with Scotty, she is the only one of the crew who is imprisoned by Krall. After that, there is some drama between her and Spock, she yells at Krall and calls him evil, and then sits in the Enterprise for the finale. There is a lot more that could have been done with her.

Conclusion: 6/5

Star Trek Beyond is a simple action/Sci-Fi movie. The plot is unclear and simplistic, yet it is still enjoyable to watch these fun characters interact and act out. I’d suggest watching at home if you love Star Trek, or just want to watch something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking. Either way, I enjoyed the movie but don’t expect much.


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