Right vs Wrong: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice, the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Did the film live up to everything the fans wanted from it? Today, I’m going to be breaking down exactly what the film got right, as well as what it got horribly wrong.


  1. – This film accurately portrayed the genius billionaire’s approach when it comes to conflict. Batman uses his brain just as much as his brawn to defeat Superman. Personally, I really enjoyed the scenes with all the kryptonite weapons that he had manufactured and their different abilities.
  2.  Casting Ben Affleck- Despite how much the internet blew up when it was announced, Ben Affleck was easily the best part of this film. His acting was spot on, his imthumbs-upprovised jokes funny (The Daily Planet, do I own that one?) and he perfectly captured the look and feel of Batman (well the best he could anyway)
  3. The Action-  Ask anybody and they will tell you the movie only gets good in the last hour. This is when the 3 fights take place (Sups vs Bats, Bat vs Mob, Trio vs Doomsday) The action is beautifully choreographed and has some stunning visuals.
  4. Visuals- Speaking of, this film is still a Zach Snyder film and as such has some amazing visuals.
  5. Wonder Woman- The small bit of Wonder Woman we see in this film is done very well. She is strong and powerful enough to take on Doomsday, smart enough to outwit Batman, and portrayed in a  surprisingly likable way.


  1. Batman’s Motivation– As a fellow vigilante, who in this universe has been fighting crime for a long time, Batman should not hold collateral damage against Superman. He should have realized that Superman saved more than lives than he took. This is the same as if the Joker blew up a building while fighting Batty and he held it against himself.
  2. Superman’s Mood– What this film promised us in the beginning was two polar opposite superheroes coming together for one glorious juxtaposition. However, instead of seeing one light and optimistic ideology conflicting with Batman’s dark and cynical one, we just have two sad people moping.
  3. Martha Scene– Ah yes the infamous Martha Scene. I do believe this could have worked, if they had done something to show that Bruce no longer felt like a hero but more like the robber that had killed his parents, but as is it was one of the worst parts of the film. It was certainly the most unbelievable
  4. Editing– Editing was my personal greatest grief against this film. There is a section where it feels like the trailer is playing again, moving images with a speech in the background. Another time there is a random shot of people reaching out for joaquin-phoenix-commodus-gladiator-thumbs-downSuperman. It did not flow and it was not good.
  5. Lex Luthor- I did not hate the villain of this film. He was young and eccentric but also menacing and deadly. He still did evil things and acted with malice. However, he was not Lex Luthor. While comic book characters can be changed for the big screen with varying degrees of success, nothing about this Lex is like his brilliant,cold, and calculating predecessor. Most insulting of all, this film knew that and tried to forgive itself by calling him “Lex Luthor Jr.”
  6. Dream Scenes- I hated the dream scenes in this film! They only served to set up sequels and added nothing to the plot. At least when old Marvel films nodded towards the avengers they did so in a way that advanced the story!
  7. Batman’s Origin- This wasn’t done bad per say, but it was done again, and that is wrong.
  8. Doomsday- Similar to Luthor, this brute in the film is simply not his character. That said, Doomsday was only a monster in the comics so that can be forgiven. The larger problem is his origin now makes no sense. Lex Luthor +Zod does not equal prehistoric Kryptonian!
  9. Justice League-  The scene with the video clips of the rest of the Justice League, each equipped with their own logos of course, was drawn out and unneeded. Who wanted to watch Aquaman come out of a cave and bat the camera like a cat?
  10. Batman’s Rule- Batman has one very important rule that separates him from other vigilantes and criminals, he does not kill people. Of course the swarms of dead bodies littering Metropolis and the prisoners with Bat Brands wouldn’t tell you that.
  11. Batman’s Mood- Even for Batman, he is too dark in this film. I expected throughout the whole movie to hear that Dick Grayson had been in Wayne Tower and Batman was thrown into a frenzy over the death of yet another one of his sons. Yet, that was never revealed so instead Batman was just upset about the carnage. See Wrong #1


Conclusion: 5/11

You should definitely watch Batman vs Superman. It has good fight scenes and visuals, and it answers the classic playground question of “Who would win in a fight?” However, the story and characters are lacking and all the scenes without action range from lifeless to dull. It is definitely an iconic film however, and I hope that after watching the other DC films it looks a lot less ridiculous and the dream scenes make a lot more sense.


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