Harry Potter Theory

Hello everyone, I would like to utilize today’s article to talk about something very dear to me. Recently I have been thinking a lot about Harry Potter ( Side Note: I have specifically been thinking about a Marauder Movie) and I stumbled across a truly interesting theory. I scoured the internet trying to find this theory, but didn’t see anything about it.I decided it was my duty to get the word out. (If anything is factually wrong in this theory feel free to let me know)


The theory stems from one single premise, where are Harry’s grandparents? Harry is one year old when the story begins, meaning his grandparents have most likely not died of old age yet. However, when his parents die he is given to his  only living relatives the Dursleys. This shows that his grandparents are dead, but how. Well, the internet seems t believe that they died in the first Wizarding War, which would make sense. However, this would beg the question of why they were targeted, possibly they were killed for being close to James and Lily, but then how did Petunia survive?  We may never know exactly how both sets died, but for this theory it doesn’t really matter. Also, for this theory I am choosing to only focus on the Potters because they have much longer history with magic than the Evans.

We don’t know much about Harry’s family. The majority of what we know about James stems from the knowledge that he was a Marauder. In none of the flashbacks or memories are James’ parents shown, despite them obviously being an important part of his life. The only other family members on James’ side that we know about are in the story of the Deathly Hallows.

We know as of book 7 that everything in that story is true, meaning that the brother with the cloak that outsmarted death is a distant ancestor of the Potters. The story also makes it clear that the brother passes his cloak on to his child when he is killed, and the child acts similarly to the father. Using this information we can conclude that the invisibility cloak, which Harry got from James, had been passed down in similar fashion for all those years.

Of course, James and Harry obviously did not hide from death all their lives in a literal sense. It is reasonable to assume neither did their close ancestors. My theory assumes that the Potter family stopped hiding long ago and have been cursed since. Death, a physical figure according to the story, is still angry about being mislead and cheated by the cloak he had been forced to create. As such, he is determined that all descendants of the original brother who use the cloak must die early. I believe he only lets them live until they can have a child and pass on the cloak, so that the curse can continue on into the next generation.

It is my belief that this is why none of the Potters have lived to adulthood with their parents, as well as why they are all only children. (We know that they are all only children otherwise the passing down of the cloak would have grown complicated and it could have fallen into a different family) In addition, I think the only reason that James never lived to pass down his cloak to his son was because of his added offense.

James, as a member of the Marauders, helped create the Marauders Map. This map was capable of locating a person even when under the cloak. This is the very same thing that death could not do, and what got James’ ancestor in trouble centuries ago. It is because of this offense that he dies at earliest convenience.

Now, assuming this is all true, the real question is: Is Harry doomed to die as well? “NO!” You might say, remembering that he has multiple children and is alive to see them both go to Hogwarts. Well, you are right. However, I believe this is because he already had died when Voldemort killed him and his role in the curse was fulfilled.

  •     It’s just a theory, but I think it holds up.




One thought on “Harry Potter Theory

  1. Just a theory? I’d say it’s brilliant. I haven’t even thought about Harry’s grandparents. You could maybe right a story about this. I hope you will. I’ll definitely read it.


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